Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Adeline's resort- back to Nature

For this holiday season, if u guys r in Ipoh, do check out this place call Adeline Resort for nature experience. It's 6km from the Gopeng town mainroad.

A friend recommended this place to us. we went a few weeks ago for tea (RM5 per head). we had char kueh tiaw, fried sweet potato, cabbage wrap artificial sharkfin and teh tarik. We were so satiated that I had to skip dinner that day.

U can stay overnight at the challets built on a rubber estate. The owner Adeline cooks real good food but because she only has a maid to help her ..u guys need to wash up your own eating utensils after eating , lol.

Many outdoor activities can be arrangd upon request with the orang Asli as escort. There are white water rafting, caving in Gua Kandu, jungle tracking, Natural Jacuzzi & waterfall, catching the Rajah Brookee butterfly, visit the orang asli village and wet abseiling.

Great place for quite relaxation and meditation, outdoor activities, great food and great to discipline your kids to wash their own plates after eating, lol.

Oh don't forget your mosquito repellent..I was told at night not so many mosquitos when the atmosphere becomes cooler.

website: www.adelineresthouse.com

planning to take my boys there for camping next time.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

visit to belacan factory at Kuala Gula

Have been taking belacan in our sambal all these years but never come across the way they make it.

Happened to be on a short
at Kuala Gula somewhere up north after Taiping near to costal site of Parit Buntar. My hubby knws the exact location. Kuala Gula is famous for its Bird sanctuary and reasonably priced seafood. The speciality is the fried meehoon with crab, steam cockles, "haeko bak" (mantis prawn steamed with a bit of chinese cooking wine), baby octopus , etc. Emmm my saliva is drooling.

There are also many others places of interest such as a small little temple ..can't recall it's name. u may see it in this picture. We were told that the owner of Singapore famous Haw Par villa who has closed down the place in Singapore has brought back all the figurines of the lunar 12 animals back to this temple. They also have what u call the Hell and Heaven where the they tried to decorate and make the place to be like "tay yook (hell)with eeeririiiie figurines and tin tong (heaven) with all the statues of God. Pretty deserted place.If not for our friend who stays ther we wouldn't knw this place existed.

my kids enjoyed the boat ride to see fisherman catching carbs with their cages.
Back to Belacan factory. The owner of this factory is a chinese Ah Pek who has been around this industry for ages. During the tour to this factory, he explained to us the process of selecting mini white shrimps and ferment them with salt until they turn brownish. To make quality belacan, they got to ferment the prawns for at l least 6 months. He told us that some of those famous brands of belacan in Penang are manufactured here in Kuala Gula. There come in different grades depending on how long the prawns are fermented.

Now with new technology, the process is easier with machines rather then manual stepping to compress on the fermented dried shrimps.

Not far from the factory we saw some imported storks (imported by the government) by the kuala side.

Take a look at these pics and enjoy the tour to Kuala Gula Belacan factory .My kids had a great time there.

The Belacan blocks looked like "bricks" for building house, right?
Remember the label..so that u watch out for this premium grade belacan the next time u shop for belacan.

turtle sactuary at teluk senangin, pasir panjang

We had planned to go for a drive to Lumut and Sitiawan for seafood last Ramadhan. On the way, I called a friend in Seri Manjung and she mentioned that since I'm heading towards there, I could detour to Pasir Panjang/ Teluk Senangin's Turtle Sactuary. So my hubby took the road heading to Pantai Remis and headed for the sactuary. Along the way, for their very first time, my "city" kids got to see rubber trees and oil palms trees at both sides of the roads. A bit of Geography lessons along the way and some stories about their daddy's childhood adventures (growing up at the rubber estate, driving grandfather's landrover at the age of 6 years old, etc.)made the journey seem shorter and in no time we arrived at the place. The Pasir Panjang SegariTurtle Sanctuary, is located just a couple of miles from the town of Lumut in the state of Perak. Visitors get the opportunity to learn about th. e turtles in their natural habitat. Run by the Department of Fisheries, this hatchery and research center is a quiet stretch of beach and main landing area for the Green Turtle, Olive Ridley Turtle and Painted Terrapin. Due to the decline in turtle landing over the years, the sanctuary provides a heaven for baby turtles who struggle to survive against their natural predators and trawler nets. Upon arriving at the sactuary, we went down to the Pasir Panjang beach just beside the sactuary before taking a tour inside. It was very hot.nonetheless, the boys had great fun playing with the waves at the shore. Inside the sactuary, the pictures speak for themselves: