Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jalan-jalan Redeem Hadiah kat Melaka!

Last Tuesday,my family was in Malacca to collect our prize from Oriental Food factory situated in Air Keroh Malacca. We won a prize from the contest organised by them called Jacker KickOff. For details pls hop to my other blog here.

We were day one day before and stayed in a quite decent and reasonable 6 years old hotel called The King's Hotel.
The room were more spacious than we expected. Though a bit old, the room were comfortable for a big family with 7 of us (3 adults & 4 kids) in it. Of course my two boys had to sleep on the floor with their sleeping bags and the floor space was spacious enough for them.

Some pics of the King's Hotel:
At the hotel lobby

While in Malacca, we had dinner at Nancy's Kitchen (near Jonker's Street). Here are some of the dishes we ordered:

Cincalok Fried Egg

Babi Pongteh

Assam Tamarind Prawn

Fish Otak-otak

Chicken rendang

Sambal brinjal

I also pampered myself to a pair of Nyoya Handmade sandals cost RM150: