Thursday, January 22, 2009

Visit to High5 Breadtwn..finally came true!

Refering to my earlier post on this, the day finally came...28Dec 2008.

Managed to gather 6 families: 3 were my ex classmates & schoolmates SP & TSY & Beatrice and 1 was my blogger fren Jac with twins, too. The other family was Jac's collegue.Of course not forgetting my own family of 6 members.

For those of you who have not been there, here's a little brief intro about it:

About High5 Bread Town

High 5 Bread Town, the first of its kind in the world was officially opened by The Honourable Minister Of International Trade & Industry on 25th May 2005. The brainchild of Silver Bird Group Managing Director Dato Jackson Tan, High 5 Bread Town is a truly unique attraction of its class. High 5 Bread Town is the architectural masterpiece showcase of the RM100 mil state-of-the-art plant of Silver Bird Group factory located on 6.07ha plant in Shah Alam. High 5 Bread Town was certified in the Malaysia Book of Records as the “First Bread Museum” in Malaysia.

With an enormous floor size, High 5 Bread Town is an attraction which caters to visitors of all ages, promising a time of fun, excitement and learning for the whole family. Being one of the latest tourist attraction in Malaysia which embrace and incorporate only the best museum state of the art technology system, High 5 Bread Town offer our guest a touted as the "a walkthrough on the history of bread" with emphasis on bread development timeline, it is definitely a "must see" to experience it!

The factory is huge & really eye-opening though the kids felt a bit bored with the power point show. Later they had great fun running about & enjoying each others' boisterous company.

My family enjoyed not only the tour but the companionship of the new friends & old friends whom we met that day. That was the first time I met Jac, one great blogger who also had twins Scott & Sean Heng. My twins enjoyed their companionship. Not forgetting Sara..the only princess of SP and hubby who were kind enough to host us with their warm hospitality at their warm & cozy home. My kids cant stop mentioning about Sara even after they got home. As for SY and her lovely kids, we do hope we could meet up again for another local family vacation next year.

Real pleasure meeting up with you people. Thks for the wonderful time.

Here's a little souvenir from me for remembrance to all of you who were there:

The tourguide told us that in one day this factory can produce 30,000 cream rolls for ditribution nationwide & ship out within 4 hours.

After the tour, SP, TSY and my family went to PJ to have yong tau fu.

Gosh we drove back to Ipoh after that. It was a really relax drive though it was a wet day, raining almost towards the late evening & night.