Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan in Ipoh

Since it was a long Wesak Day holiday weekend, we decided to take our kids out on a cheap but interesting outing..just driving and stopping wherever they feel like snacking. First stop..The Secret Recipe. We were among the early customer arriving just when they were just opened for business. We just ordered 1 piece of marble cheese and 1 piece of yogurt cheese cake for the 4 of them to share. Well we need to cultivate the "Learning To SHare" advice by Elmo in Cartoon Network. Then they should also appreciate that money dont fall from sky. A piece of cake cost RM5 each and not every kid is lucky enough to enjoy the luxury. So here you see one pice of cake to be shared by two siblings (not that mom and dad is kedekut, OK...after all they just had their breakfast at 9am) When we arrive , the staff were loading the fresh cakes from their "cool" van. Singing along the way i the car..As I walk along I wonder...Yai Yai Yai Yai Yai I wonder... Then we stopped at the whole saler shop for goodies, sweets and munchies. The twins chose their goodies for party packs for their birthday on 21 May 2008. Mommy planning to pack her own party pack for the twins(turning 9 on May21) and Juliana (Turning 4 on June10)to take to class and share with classmates. Then we proceeded our JalanJalan cari makan excursion to the Ever Famous Funny MOUNTAIN soya bean drink stall. Our orders included "Michael Jackson Black & White (Soya & Leong Fun), and Pak Pak (White White: Soya & Tau Fu Fah). As it was a public holiday and long weekend holiday, we saw many outstation cars stopping by the road side to wait their turn with to order their favourite choice of drink. Many pedestrians stopped and crowded the tiny little stall, too. Those who dont wanna wait, call them first and check if the stall is even open for business. Here's the guy's number:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mind science retreat at Cameron Highlands Boh plantation

On eve of this year's Mother's Day, hubby and I took our twins (9 yrs old) to Cameron Higlands (again??) for jungle tracking and Mind Science Retreat at the Ringlet Boh planation this time.

Before checking in to our chalets, we did some shopping at sight seing at the Butterfly farm, makan at Ngow Kee the famous restaurant near Brinchang, had fresh strawberry ice cream and waffle at Raju's.

We stayed at the Malaysian Nature Society chalets. Food was prepared by a caterer and mainly Indian cooking. Really tasted good for a cool weather up there.

Did our Alpha cycle (meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises) up at the highest point of Bukit Cantik. Also went to a narby mini waterfall after reaching the top.

It was great fun,great relaxaton and great felllowship!