Monday, February 25, 2008

A short but sweet trip to Betong

Last Saturday, my hubby and I went to Betong with a group of Rotarians for a visit to Rotary Club of Betong. Betong is a small twn situated near the (Kedah)Malaysia-Thai border. We stayed at the 5 star hotel called Grand Mandarin Hotel. here are some pics from different views.

Among the interesting places we visited are:

The Thai King and Queen
The town hall with the largest postbox in Betong.The world's largest mailbox is located at the Clock Tower Intersection in the town center. It was built in 1924 by Mr. Sa-Nguan Jirajinda, the former head of Betong Post and Telegraph Office and the Lord Mayor of Betong. The purpose of this mail-box is to distribute news and to give services in posting and distributing mails for the people of Betong. It is made of reinforced concrete, with a cylindrical shape divided into 2 parts - the base and the box. The circumference of the base is 265cm and that of the box is 240cm. At a total height of 320cm, it is at present used as an ordinary mailbox.

CPM Ex-Communist Camp Piyamit Tunnel

the Betong Hot Spring
to boil egg..
and to soak out tired fatigue legs after much walking and shopping

Some of the specialities are:

Thai oranges,leong fun,watercrest,the dried yellow mee and Thai coffee (which cant beat the Ipoh white coffee)

Thai oranges
Chee Cheong Fun
leong fun

The best thing we enjoyed was the Thai 2 hour massage. We called the masseurs from the Hotel merlin next door. It cost us RM30 only for room service. If we had gone to their centre it waould be cheaper still...RM26. Really relaxing, .soothing n rejuvenating

Had a great time there. Although it was a 3 hour journey frm Ipoh pasing Taiping, K.Kangsar and Grik, just one night stay, it was pretty exhausting with all the activities, sight seing and shopping.

We'll sure to be back again during Betung Club installation dinner sometime in August.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Celebrating 2nd & 3rd CNY at Cameron Highlands

This year for a change, my family decided to spend our 2nd and 3rd CNY at Cameron Highlands with my mum, my brother, my auntie and cousins.

Expected to have traffic jam but it was like K.L bumper to bumper jam with most cars with wilayah numbr plates...and majority are Malays.

We stayed in a rented apartment at Tringkap. Had own cook steamboat, played some cards, had a couple of drinks, watch ASTRO.Simple but enjoyable...especially with the cooool and breezy atmosphere at night.

During the day time,we went up to the BOH plantation, had tea and photography session(the sceneries were beautiful),

not forgetting shopping at the Tea shop.

Then we also went to the Tanah Rata park/playground to have our snack and little picnic.

Of course we wont leave Cameron Highlands without the usual shopping for honey at the Bee farm, vege at the roadside stalls, and other souvenirs at many other stalls, too.

Though the town was pack, we had a cozy time with family and a memorable one.

The setback was, my elder daughter had high fever 39 degrees Celcius on our way down. Rushed her to the doctor, nurse her 4 hourly with Paracetamol and 6 hourly antibiotics before her fever settled.