Monday, August 31, 2009

Today is Merdeka Day (Malaysia's Independence Day)..Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Daddy took all of us to Clearwater to spend about 5 hours there. Auntie Pat(mommy's old schoolmate), her hubby & her twins met up with us there, too).

As there were no one in the swimming pool, mommy allowed us to have some fun splashing time all by ourselves (no crowd , no fear of H1N1).

Look at how much fun we had "pooling" around at the swimming pool:

After that we spent some time in the Game room playing computer games & indoor playpen while mommy facebook & daddy read his newspaper. We also had some snack, sandwiches & fruits brought from home & also shared by Auntie Pat.

Then we left for our next visit to... The World's LArgest Buddha Relics & Tibetan Antiques Cultural Exhibition. It was held at the Kampar Road Perak Girl school hall, Ipoh. Very interesting, eye opening & knowledgable for us as parents & for the kids, too. At least this is the first time we saw Buddha's blood, flesh & bone relics :

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Merdeka Eve & school holiday Picnic

Good weather..succesful picnic today. Yes!!!

I invited my old classmate Jas & her family to join mine. I made Nasi Tak Lemak with sambal cuttlefish & tamarind sardine with fired egg, fried aome burgers, sausages & POPCorn chicken, while Jas' maid fied mee hoon & made sandwiches.we also had snack like Chickadees & Mamee monster.

The kids had fun flying the kites, played badminton, blowed bubbles & running all over.

Simple & economical outing, great fellowship & family bonding...better than going to enclosed/ indoor places during this H1N1 pandemic, rite?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

School holiday adventure today- Gua Tempurung & Kuan Yin temple

This morning's weather was cloudy but not wet in the morning.

Mommy & daddy decided to take us out for more adventurous outing today. Joining us in our small MPV were AhMa(mom's mommy) and our cousins Yi wern & Hong Hong.

But first we went to market to buy some stuff for prayers for Hungry ghost 9this month is Ghost festival month). Grandma & mommy bought all the things needed to offer prayers to the deceased ancestors and for Ah Kong (both mommy & daddy's dad) tomorrow.

Then after a very light breakfast, we began our journey to Gua Tempurung (a cave about 30 minutes drive from where we stay). On our way, we stopped at Restaurant Embassy for early lunch.

These are some of the dishes we ordered to go with rice:

1) Ginger chicken
2) Cuttlefish & Kangkung with satay sauce
3) Choon Kuen (Lobak- spring roll)
4) Steam 3 types of egg(century, chicken & salted egg)
5) In house fried stuffed taufu

When we arrived, it was Friday prayers' time and we had to wait for about 1 and a half hours for the group tour. While waiting we explored the nearby vicinity. Here are some of the slide pictures:

After playing for a while at the playground near the cave, daddy decided not to wait & move on to another cave as it was about to drizzle. We then headed for the Kuan Yin cave nearer to the city.

After that we drive along other cave temples along the way before going to our next stop- Drive thru at Mc Donalds for sundae cones!

Free & easy , happy & fun !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wet wet surprise today.

If u read my previous post, we thought of giving the kids a surprise by taking them out today. The few ideas were either one of the following:
1) Pony ride at the equestrian club
2) Kek Lok Tong (cave) playground & water lily pond
3) Kuan Yin temple/cave

However, due to the non stop rain & wet day , we were kind of tied down at home after lunch at A-shore cafe.

Then we decided to have home KARAOKE but couldnt find the remote last everyone just laze around doing their own stuff.
Mommy clearing the house.
Daddy reading.
Twins pillow fight.
Gals play with toys& messing up.

Ohh rain rain when will you stop & go away??

Hope tomorrow will be a better weather and hope our plans wont be ruined again like today!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's "UP" for skool holidays for us???

Today mommy & daddy took leave till merdeka weekend to spend time with us- her precious 4.

We had lunch at Parkson, then a wee bit of shopping before we went for cinema show "UP" at GSC.

Mommy only had to pay for 2 kids ticket as she won 2 tickets for adults from a "cant remember" what contest few months back.

Look how happy we were:

Tomorrow's outing: might be caving, might be going to fishing village, dont know yet! Wait for surprises from mommy & daddy!

Happy Merdeka fellow Malaysians!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

H1N1 dilemmas.....vacation also less!

With the current H1N1 epedemic, who dares to travel unless necessary?

Of course some said airflight tickets are cheap & itchy to go for holidays but how many really want to take the risk?

Local tour also risky what more overseas when you will be exposed to the virus more at airports?

Sigh....pray and hope this epidemic will be over soon.