Saturday, August 23, 2008

School holidays! Buzeee! Noisy! but Happy!

Hubby took two days off yesterday and today. We went to Prai to claim my winning vouchers of RM500 SSF vouchers for the AJAX Fabuloso contest. Guess what? I only managed to spend RM200. The closing date to utilise the vouchers is April 2009. Means got one more chance to go Prai again to finish the vouchers.

Can't seem to choose what i really need as most of the items sold in the shop are more for decoration, glassware and ornaments which are not so "kids' proof" for my house with these 4 hyperactive musketeers.

Just managed to but some vase, flowers, hanging kitchen ornaments and a wedding glassware for my sister as a wedding gift.
Will post the photo later.

Meanwhile during the journey to Prai, we passed by Taiping for FOOD..and also went to this place called Bagan Ajam, Prai where there is a shabby hut named AH CHOONG by the sea side. We had some fried noodles and seafood. Very cheap and nice. The wind was strong and refreshing. The view was great. As usual the kids loved it. Took my parents along. My dad enjoyed local vacation rather than going overseas as he has osteoarthritis (wear and tear) of his knee joints and has problem walking.
Yet another simple, economy and fun school holiday vacation. By the way, it was only a day trip as we wanted to save on accomodation (Remember..mommy still on unpay leave..need to jaga (care) for the pocket a bit!) sorry kids!

Here's the slide pics:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

KRIS (Kelab Rotary Ipoh Selatan) family outing at Tmn Sri Botani Ecopark

Since we have been to this place weeks ago, I recommended to my friend Rotarian JHenry who is the organiser for this family outing.

I must say Good Job to JHenry for taking the initiative to organise such event to foster fellowship among members and their families and friends.

Here are the photo slides which I've compiled for all of you to see. here's to KRIS.

Those of you members who miss it..try to join us again next time. I've proposed we visit the "crystal" cave after Simpang Pulai. There are interesting crystal scruptured animals to see. We'll work on that for the next outing.

I really miss being KRIS member especially in organising the Family in Rotary activities for the club. I left the club when I had to pursue my studies and finally graduated.But due to family commitments and now maidless some more (read about my maid problem here), I will not be able to commit to rejoin the club just yet but would still love to join their outings whenever my family could.

Weekend at the Ecopark, Bandar Seri Botani, Ipoh, Perak

My auntie whose family runs LA bread factory here called me up last night.

"Hey you wanna take your kids go Ecopark feed fish ah? I got a lot of expired loafs of bread lah."

So I said OK and will meet her there at 9am today at the Taman Sri Botani Ecopark .

We took along the kids' cousin sisters from Texas, USA. Picked them up from Heritage hotel and shoot straight to Taman Botani's ECO PARK.

Here are the slides of the beautiful EcoPark.

There were Lotus pond; Lake where lots of fishes enjoyed being fed by us with LA bread; playground; mini forest; exercise park,etc.

Cool place for family picnic, relaxation and exercise.

view of the clouds, mountain and sea from the aeroplane

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All my 4 kids have not on board an airplane before. So during out last Bali trip, i took some photos from the airplane for them to see how beautiful the clouds , mountains and sea look from a different point of view from the plane.

Have your kids been on a plane before? Must be very exciting for them. Those who have not, mayb you can try my method..take some pictures to share with them