Friday, April 6, 2012

Good weather ! Good Friday! Good Picnic outing @ Ecopark , Seri Botani.

Tday we had Good weather, good outing, good fellowship at Ecopark Tmn Sri Botani on a Good Friday!!

About 60 plus ppl attended tday's outing inclusive of strokees, carers, volunteers, students and our centre's committee member Mr. Chong & his wife who brought along a friend Mdm L. We carpooled in 9 cars starting from Nasam Perak about 9.15am.

We had simple activities like taking a walk round the lake, feeding fishes & picnic at the Mini Jungle besides singing & fellowship.

Strokee Rahman's wife prepared Nasi kurang Lemak for all who were present while Strokee CSF sponsored kueh and the Su La Chin volunteers bought them mineral water!

Students were extremely helpful in the whole event assisting those more impaired in movements and also helped in transporting plastic chairs and distributing food to participants.

They also entertained the strokees with guitar strumming & singing favourite numbers like The Moon represent my heart ( by Teresa Teng) , you are my Sunshine, Rasa Sayang, etc. Being a rehab therapist, I made the strokees do Chicken dance!

Special Thks to Mr. C for making arrangements for us to enter the park with special passes, without having to park outside the entrance. He also provided some fish pellets for the participants to feed the fishes. One particular Strokee Mr.Leong who had speech impairment ( aphasic) was extremely thrilled and exclaimed with joy when he saw the fishes surfacing to gobble up the pellets threw into the water during the feeding session. It was was such a priceless moment to see his smile!

Everyone had a great time leaving behind their footprints & laughter and taking home sweet happy memories of friendship & fellowship as souvenirs from this outing.

There's Life After Stroke!!

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